Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Skinny On Gator By The Bay

Gator By the Bay Finds It's Flavor.......And It's a Gumbo

Gator By The Bay once again proved to be a huge success. I can’t put into words just how fantastic and special this festival is. I could go as far as to say that It’s the Best Louisiana Music festival I’ve ever been to outside of Louisiana. But we won’t dwell on that, as the purpose of this piece is not to put down or take away from any other Festival. Besides, you could easily argue that Gator is evolving into a Music Festival of all genres that just happens to have a Louisiana theme. I was delighted with all the different groups. They all seemed to enhance the flavor of Gator’s musical gumbo.
You can find pictures here… Gator_2009

  • Gator always seems to raise the bar from the previous year. The way I judge a music festival is really simple.

  • Did it provide value for the money I spent? YES

  • Did it meet or exceed my expectations in regards to entertainment? YES and then some

  • Did it draw the kind of crowd I love to dance and mingle with? (People who love and appreciate the music) YES
  • Did it live up to it’s theme? YES
  • Add a couple of peripheral factors and you have the best festival in Southern California. (sorry …couldn’t resist)

Those factors would be food, location, and weather. Being located directly across the street from the airport could easily make Gator the best destination festival in the country. Let’s not forget onsite accommodations. by way of the Sheraton hotel. As well as other reasonably priced hotels nearby. I don’t know of any festival in the country so conveniently located. Being situated on the water with those constant cool breezes doesn’t hurt either.

I really enjoyed the 2 country groups we had this year. Emerald River and the Danielle Tucker Band. That was quiet a treat to have two female front men as well. Although I don’t think a woman would be called a “front man)?
2009_05_10_3505 20090510_0018 This was absolutely special!
One really interesting situation at the “Bourbon Street Stage” was Michelle Lundeen and her fabulous group. Did anybody else notice they attracted more kids and families then any other group. And yes she did provide instruments for the kids to play with. I still found it quite interesting that they attracted so many families. Good for Gator!
2009_05_10_3329 2009_05_10_3358 Look at that crowd!
Theo and the Zydeco Patrol put together a jam session on the Bourbon Street Stage that was in a class all by itself.
They ended up with Curley Taylor on drums, and Curley’s drummer on accordion. Believe me, that was nothing short of special.
2009_05_10_3677 2009_05_10_3693 2009_05_10_3701
2 more excellent female performers! Lot’s of females out front this year! WAY TO GO!
2009_05_10_3428 2009_05_10_3482 2009_05_10_3429 2009_05_10_3480
Bill Lee and his Swamp Critters really turned it up a notch!
2009_05_09_3129 2009_05_09_3144 2009_05_09_3145 2009_05_09_3148
I won’t even get into the excellent and spirited performances by Brian Jack and Curley Taylor. Just fabulous!
2009_05_09_3169 2009_05_09_3072 2009_05_10_3775 2009_05_10_3834
Peter Oliver and The Bayou Brothers performing the original Gator By The bay song form Gator 2008.

I have to cut this off long before I pay tribute to everybody. But I’m running out of time . Feel free to leave a comment. Let me know about your Gator 2009 experience! Tell us what you loved about this years Gator By The Bay?
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